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Abstract submission

When submitting your abstract, you will have to tell us if you want to present orally, present a poster, or both. The review committee will then determine what session you will be accepted into and if chosen to provide a talk. We will notify you of this, and provide further details on how to prepare your presentation or poster. 

Final call for abstracts!

Abstracts for talk and posters are due by

30 September.

If the abstract submission form does not work for you, please email us directly via

Abstract submission

To submit your abstract, please fill out the information below.

Select an option for your abstract
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Abstract guidelines

Please adhere to the abstract style presented.

  1. Please use Calibri font (11 pt).

  2. Title bold

  3. List all authors, underline and bold presenting author.

  4. Abstract body less than 400 words, 1 page in total

  5. References to be formatted using the 'Nature style' (e.g., endnote).

  6. If possible include a jpg image of the presenting author

PDF: Abstract example

Sydney 1.jpg
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